Learn the tools to overcome phobias, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and constant fear by yourself from home

Benefit from all of my valuable knowledge for zero money at my 100% free webinar on May 28. at 6 p.m. If you can't show up - there will be a recording available for everyone who signs up with an email address.


Video #1

How to overcome unhappiness & unsatisfaction after marriage


Video #2

How to undestand yourself better, efficient in healing, calm and a more peaceful existence

Video #3

Learn the tools to overcome phobias, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and constant fear by yourself from home


How to find and keep the love of your life 

without losing yourself within the relationship, but instead finding your true self

Webinar with Cate 28.5.2020 at 6pm


My name is Cate Dubois and I am a Life Coach, Advisor and Mentor. My sessions are designed to help people find their way back to their hearts and reconnect with their authentic self.

The journey to the self is not one taken lightly, yet a journey well worth taking. It has been my journey to find the truth about what our purpose is in life and why we seemingly go through moments of great joy only to have moments infused with deep pain.

I am 54 years of age, mother of a beautiful son and daughter, and wife of the most superior man I know, Rob who continuously reminds me of my true nature.

I have run successful businesses and have experienced abundance in money, relationships, love, joy and peace. I have also experienced deep loss, trauma, broken relationships all of which I can now say, I am deeply grateful for.

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