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Here’s what people are saying about this course:

Natalie Kashani 

Transformation Coach

“Get to the core of the matter”

Cate Dubois has a special gift. She has the ability to harness her intuition, get to the core of the matter and make you feel safe to explore your heart.


“Totally approach-able and genuinely giving”

Cate is totally approachable and genuinely giving with her great knowledge and experience. She helped me to discover more of yoga but also of myself, she opened a wide array of perspectives for me.


“Cate in one word: a muse”“Cate in one word: a muse”

Inspiring woman & authentic human. Cate has a way of transmitting her knowledge and values with an incredible softness. She spread confidence & love during the entire training.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in [Evolve Online Course]!

Learn The Tools For Abundance In Love, Money and Life

You will have: #1

✨ Abundance in love, money, career, life
✨ Healthier more vibrant relationships
✨ Freedom of expression through self-knowledge
✨ A more conscious version of you
✨ A calmer disposition and you will be less reactive
✨ Happiness, life will be more joyful
✨ A sense of sweetness you deserve

What you will solve #2

✅ Lack of self-worth
✅ Stress
✅ Phobias
✅ Persistent habits
✅ Physical ailments
✅ Anxiety
✅ Anger
✅ Rage
✅ Depression

What you will solve #3

✅ Unnecessary breakups
✅ Communication
✅ Disconnection
✅ Repeating old unwanted patterns
✅ Insight
✅ Fear
✅ Uncertainty
✅ Lack of joy

✅ Body issues

About Cate Dubois

My Mission: Healing Old Wounds - Gently Guiding You Home

This is your final chance to offer a personalised encouragement to your visitor. Warmly explain that this course is something you are proud of and that you hope to theI am 54 years of age, mother of a beautiful son and daughter, and wife of the most superior man I know, Rob who continuously reminds me of my true nature.

I have run successful businesses and have experienced abundance in money, relationships, love, joy and peace. I have also experienced deep loss, trauma, broken relationships all of which I can now say, I am deeply grateful for.

I have found the key to happiness and for me that is finding inner peace. Inner peace has come from reconnecting with my true essence and understanding the meaning of my life, of all life.

I want to help you understand your life, your story so that you to can live a fuller more expansive life, so you can ride the waves of pleasure and pain and find peace wherever you reside. You will sign up so you can help them overcome their problems and get that amazing result!

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Join this course and learn the tools for abundance in love, money & life!



Payment is made safely and conveniently by digistore24.com

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